Basic Japanese

Japanese How To Say It What It Means
Butokukan Boo-TOE-koo-KAHN Training Hall of the Virtues of the Martial Arts
Karate Kar-ah-TAY Empty Hand
Kyotsuke Koat-ski Attention
Rei Ray Bow
Hajime Hah-jeeh-may Begin
Yammau Yah-may Stop
Dojo Doh-joe Club or workout area
Karateka Kar-ah-ta-kay Karate student
Sensei Sen-say Instructor
Gi Ghee Uniform
Obi Oh-bee Belt
Ish-kumi Eesh-koo-me 1st blue stripe
Ni-kumi Knee-koo-me 2nd blue stripe
San-kumi San-koo-me 3rd blue stripe
Jukyu Joo-cue 10th Class Orange Belt

In Butokukan karate, we use Japanese because our master, Yoichi Nakachi, was Japanese, and to be polite, we learn everything in Japanese as well as English. When doing a test, you should be able to answer to a question, about what is this and what is that, in both English and Japanese ( Here's an example: If asked to do a "jodan uke", you reply "upper area block" and show how to do the technique. If asked to do a "lower area block", you answer "gedan uke", and show how to do the technique ).

Remember when doing your test to bow politely, and to always show courtesy ( being polite ). There is a saying: Courtesy always first in karate.