The Crest
( For Yellow Belt Test )

The large white ring around the outside of the crest represents all the belts white through brown.
The black ring inside the white ring represents the potential of the white through brown belts to become black belts.
The black area on the inside of the circle represents all the black belts.  It is larger, because as a karateka you will spend more time as a black belt in your karate training.  There is less black area near the bottom to signify the lesser number of high-ranking black belts.  This lower area also signifys that as you progress up through the higher ranks, you sink and become more humble in your karate training.
The red ring represents the master ranks, 8th through 10th. Butokukan currently has one master, as Shihan Yoichi Nakachi (10th Dan) passed away in 1998.  Shihan Robert Hill (9th Dan) is the only Master in the style right now.
The fist in the center is a seiken, and is used to represent all the body weapons used in Butokukan. Of all the weapons, the seiken is the most commonly used.
The crest was designed by Yoichi Nakachi, and was introduced in 1963 when the style changed from Shinpu-ren to Butokukan, along with the katas, which were introduced to bring a flowingness to the style.