Dojo Etiquette  ( RULES )

  1. Each student will bow when entering or leaving the Dojo.
  2. Bowing will be to the Crest, your Sensei, and to fellow students when they have finished helping you.
  3. Each student will bow to the Crest before entering or leaving the dojo ( club ).
  4. During a class period, all students will be quiet, giving the Sensei complete freedom to teach.
  5. During a class period, the student must ask the Senseiís permission to leave the work out area (for any reason).
  6. If a student has a question, he/she should raise a hand and wait until the Sensei sees them.
  7. During a class period all questions should be to the Sensei, or to any senior teacher who is doing teaching when the Sensei is busy.
  8. Swearing is not allowed in the Dojo, and any one who swears in class may be taken out of class.
  9. The Obi (belt) is the same as the wearer's inner spirit and represents their karate skills.  It should be treated with respect ( with care ), never touching the floor with it except when worn.
  10. The instructor will be called "Sensei" whenever inside the dojo.
  11. Street shoes are not to be worn on the dojo floor.
  12. Respect and care for other people's personal property as you would your own. (Stealing, might result in the student not coming back to class ).
  13. When weights are available for your use, never lift alone! Always have a spotter.
  14. It is everyoneís responsibility to help keep the Dojo clean and the work-out area free of debris ( bags, weapons, dust and litter ) that could cause an injury to those walking nearby.
  15. The breaking of any of the above rules will be punishable by the students doing the Senseiís penalty ( mainly, lots of push-ups, sit-ups, sitting facing the wall, or leaving the class ).
  16. The Head Instructor has the power to expel any student under any circumstances or activities occurring in or outside the Dojo that he deems unfitting of a student of Butokukan Karate.


A bow to the instructor is showing care and respect for what the Sensei knows about karate, and of thanking them for sharing their time and what they know about with you.

A bow to the crest is a sign of care and respect for all the years the style has brought to us in learning Butokukan karate.  It is also a sign of care and respect for Master Yoichi Nakachi, the man who made our style, and for the present Grandmaster of our style, Master Robert Hill.  The Japanese for Master is Shihan, and we can also call our Masters Shihan Hill, and talk about Shihan Nakachi, but it doesn't matter which way you call them.  As well, we bow to the many blackbelts who have taught Butokukan in our dojos ( clubs ) throughout the years.

A bow to another student is showing care and respect for what that person knows about karate, and politeness for their wanting to share what they know about karate with you.