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Dojo History

The Silverdale dojo came into being in 1986 under Sensei Rob Castro who started classes on the Bangor Naval base, but ended moving to the field house for Ross field because new students could not readily get on base. Classes were eventually taken over by Sensei Castro’s stepfather Sensei Randy Hunt. The current location of the Silverdale dojo was formerly the Clear Creek school house established in 1908. It had been abandoned for use in the late 60’s early 70’s when Sensei Hunt arranged to establish the Clear Creek Community Club with the help of his Butokukan students providing much of the labor to clean, refurbish and maintain the building, a process that continues today. The current location was opened in 1986. The Community Club remains a shared building with other groups that rent the space. Originally rented from the school district for the amount of $1 provided it continues to allow community access, Butokukan students and senseis have helped keep it viable and important dojo location.

Sensei Hunt continued to teach classes at Silverdale until 2000 when he started to rebuild the Shelton dojo. In 2000 he turned the dojo over to two of his blackbelts Tom Croswaite and Chuck Travis who ran it for several years together. Sensei Travis moved out of the area for his work and Sensei Croswaite continued to run the location by himself until the East Bremerton dojo that was run by Sensei Shanon Foutch lost the lease and use of their location. Sensei Foutch agreed to combine the classes of East Bremerton and the Silverdale dojos and helped provide guidance to Sensei Croswaite as well as help run classes. Sensei Croswaite continued to run the classes in Silverdale until a change in jobs affected his availability to consistently run classes. The West Bremerton dojo, the first Butokukan dojo in an established location, was having challenges with the building and rent and was under the direction of Sensei Francisco LaBalan.  In 2012 Sensei LaBalan agreed to take over the Silverdale dojo with the help of one of his blackbelts, Sensei Doug Wolford. Since that time the East Bremerton-YMCA location under Sensei Tony Adamski also has joined and combined his classes at the Silverdale dojo.

All of the combining of dojos at the Silverdale location has brought together the Butokukan sensei that have actively researched the delivery and application of techniques and sparring experience. Their willingly shared passion for the betterment of the Butokukan Karate system, as well as the sharing the teaching duties, have made the Silverdale dojo location an extreme wealth of knowledge and experience that helps benefit students and Sensei that come to train there. 

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