New Student Information

  Butokukan Affirmations ( Promises )

   Basic Japanese Sheet
  Ichi, Ni, San Kumi ( White Belts ) Terminology Sheet
  Jukyu History ( for Yellow Belt Test ) Sheet
  Dojo Etiquette ( Rules )
  The Crest ( for Yellow Belt Test )
  How To Tie Your Belt

This page is designed to help out new students with information about learning about the rules of the dojo, what our affirmations are, basic techniques and the Japanese for them, as well as history for people testing for orange belt.  Hopefully the student will learn all of this while in class, but these will help to learn at home, what will be needed for their future test dates.

Any of the above links can be clicked on and then printed for reference on paper.  Students are suggested to get a "loose leaf" folder and put all paperwork in it, as a karate reference of handouts that are given out from time to time.